Blue Water Engineering services and repairs all makes and models of vacuum lifters, whether it is a service or a complete rebuild to current standards.

Blue Water Engineering carries stocks of all pneumatic fittings and controls, electronic components and mechanical components and pads/cups to cover most vacuum lifters. If we do not have the part in stock, we have access to worldwide suppliers of components to cover any possible issue. Being the manufacturer, we are able to redevelop or redesign equipment to implement new features or to adapt to a new usage.


Using the Vaclift as recommended will help you achieve the best results from your unit. We guarantee that it will boost your productivity and put morale back into your staff.

A full 12 month factory warranty covers all Vaclift units. Beyond the warranty period, we carry the full range of spare parts and offer ongoing technical support.

If you need a Vaclift to complete a particular task that we have not covered on our website, contact us to discuss some custom options. Our engineering team can design and quote a Vaclift specifically tailored to your requirements.

The vac lifters are performing superbly never a problem with them at all

Heavy Fabrication Boilermaker

Blue Water Engineering supplied us with one of their battery powered Vaclift units. It has worked very well for us as we have used it to lift and accurately set over 400 steel, nickel, and aluminum sheets ranging from 500KG to 1T. It is a very safe piece of equipment. We have not had any accidents with it and it does not take a highly specialized person to operate the machine. BWE was very supportive in helping us with the initial set up of the machine and very responsive and helpful to any troubleshooting we may have had. The machine itself is very reliable. I would strongly recommend a BWE Vaclift to anyone.

LNG Tank Project Engineer

We purchased 2 VacLift Units from Bluewater Engineering for use in conjunction with our Abrasive Waterjet Profile cutting machine. The Vaclift units have been an excellent addition to our large Mining engineering workshop allowing us to lift plate onto our Waterjet or into assemblies without the use of magnets, plate dogs or plate grabs. We bought a 1 Ton capacity unit that has a power tilt function allowing plate to be tilted at 90 degrees by the Vaclifter. This unit is battery powered and is very versatile with all suction pads being able to be moved around on the frame to suit the size and shape of plate we are lifting. This unit gets used daily lifting 10 or more full sheets of plate every shift but goes weeks between battery charges. Charging the battery is very easy and very quick.
The second unit we had custom made to allow us to lift steel plate up to 200mm thick or 7 Tons. This unit is also very versatile with the ability to extend out to lift 6M long sheets of plate. This unit has a battery powered dual pump system giving extra security should one pump fail. For lifting large long plates into assemblies or our Waterjet this is the safest, easiest and quickest way I have seen plate lifted anywhere in the industry.
Plates that have mill scale, light rust or pitting, machined or drilled surfaces can still be lifted by turning off vacuum pads that are over damaged or machined areas on the plate surface. The Vaclift will work on all surfaces that will create a vacuum including plastics, nylon, rubber, all metals glass and stone.
Bluewater engineering has been very prompt at resolving all our enquiries and has provided a high level of professional training to our workshop staff. Spare parts were delivered to us very promptly and I certainly look forward to dealing with them again. I would recommend their products to anyone in the engineering industry looking for safe quick and efficient lifting solutions

Heavy Fabrication Boilermaker