Shop compressed air is the simplest and most cost effective way of powering your Vaclift. Compressed air supply from a compressor via an air line to the unit gives unlimited lifts and movements.

Powered by a venturi with no moving parts and only requiring approximately 2.5 cubic feet of air per minute, Vaclift units using compressed air have proven to be smooth operating and long lasting. The Vaclift control module carries all the audible alarms and lights to indicate when the Vaclift is ready to lift or when there is a reduction in vacuum.

The fully vulcanised high capacity suction pads give superior lifting capabilities and unsurpassed durability. The units have been designed to work in industries with very abrasive conditions such as waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, routing, stone and glass industries.

Being non electric they can also be used in hazardous industries such as petrochemical and wet environments. With lifting capacities of 250Kg and upwards, there is a Vaclift compressed air model to fit almost any lifting need.