Vaclift Forklift Units – FVL are proving to be the most versatile and cost efficient vacuum lifters on today’s market. The units are fully self contained only requiring charging via a 240V charger when not in use. Having the ability to move freely around the work area eliminates the need for a jib or crane.

The units are available with or without tilt, both manual and powered. Slew is also available giving even greater flexibility when placing product vertically or on uneven surfaces. The spine of the Vaclift has lifting holes that enable the unit to be used in conjunction with a jib. This provides the greatest flexibility of the Vaclift range.

When not in use, the Vaclift can be placed back on its legs keeping the vacuum pads clear of the floor. FVL’s are a total solution for the need to move sheet or plate stock around your site, giving greater flexibility, time management and added safety to your business. A must have for every workshop.